The „Heaven Of The Bavarians“ – the Hacker tent stretches to 296,9 feet in length and 190,3 feet in width. It accommodates over 6950 seats. Seating for another 2350 guest is available in our beer garden. The roof of the tent covers an area over 60,000 square feet.  It takes approx. 9 weeks to set up the tent and approx. 4 weeks to disassemble it.

Our revolving stage in the middle of the tent is a unique attraction at the Oktoberfest, and the openable roof in the back area on the gallery as well. From 2000 until 2004  Oscar Award winner Rolf Zehetbauer painted the tent’s interior on 13,000 square feet. During the Octoberfest approx. 450 crew members are looking after the guests.

Daily starting at  12 noon the brass band „Kirchdorfer“ play moody bavarian brass music, and later on, from 7 pm to 8.45 pm, the legendary „Cagey Strings“ rock the house!